Kelli Klymenko's Nemesis

Nemesis was spawned by the first visual collective of haunting images from an old converted hotel of the 1800's - where an image that held no true explanation appeared in a random print -

This image, this face - this person - was my Nemesis.

With this, came the creation of the very first collection, comprised of over 19,000 images taken over the course of 2 years, which was featured in a Gallery Showing in Manhattan, NY in 2003, with over 3000 attending guests. The Nemesis Visual Collections and Gallery showing, includes three Published works, two unreleased collections and much more.

What people are saying about
Kelli Klymenko's Nemesis:

"What are you trying to do? 
Scare the be-jesus out of me, spooky-pants? 
It's nice. The music is perfect, too."

- Liam Lynch

"The often used juxtaposition of good and evil, of dark and light find new expression in Klymenko's photographic art...My philosophy of art is that it should not just depict the artist's feelings. That's only the first level of analysis. Good art says something that touches the viewer as well. Great art says something to us all in a way that resonates in our hearts and provokes our intellect. Kelli Klymenko is, in my honest opinion destined for greatness."

- Scott Widitor

"Your endless well of creativity and hauntingly beautiful and somewhat warped imagination show in your work and that's a major part of what makes it so amazing..."

- Lana Reihani

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